“People are only as sick as their secrets - with honesty, transparency and a willingness to explore their lives, almost everyone can get well.” - Dr Munidasa Winslow - "Open Mindedness is the key.
Give yourself the gift of freedom from active addiction, and allow us to support you on this wonderful journey.”
- Andy Leach -

Who we are

A Promise of Partnership

Visions is the addictions treatment arm of Promises Healthcare. Here, we work with all forms of addictions – providing recuperative care programmes such as 1-1 counselling, group therapy, an intensive outpatient program, specialist groups, family therapy and medical detox.


Your Needs

Your first step to recovery consists of screening and assessment to help us gain better clarity and understanding of your needs. Everyone’s recovery journey is unique – this helps us formulate the best clinical recommendations, specially tailored to suit your needs.
With your response to a short and concise set of questions, we will be able to assess and generate a rough estimate of your risk/severity of an Addiction Disorder. This will be followed up with a recommendation according to your downloadable results, which you can then bring down for an in-person assessment, should you choose to do so.

Treatment Options

An Integrated Recovery Journey

We believe that the key to a successful and sustainable recovery involves a holistic approach. This involves addressing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. Treatments and therapy will thus be tailored to your needs accordingly to ensure a smooth-sailing journey towards wellness.


Learn new pathways to establish positive thinking patterns


Empower the body to thrive physically


Unlock the inner journey to recovery


Forge meaningful connections

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