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One of the most baffling and frustrating thing about addiction is that, once it takes hold, almost nothing a person or their families do can help them stop. Many clients have, over the years, tried everything to stop their compulsive and destructive behavior. They are often ingenious, resourceful and creative people. They have come up with and tried all kinds of brilliant ideas. Usually they are focused and committed people, with considerable resilience, energy and will power. They have applied all these things – and more – to their triggers, cravings, urges and impulsive actions – but to no avail. Often they have loved ones who are devoted to them and close friends willing to support them through thick and thin – but none of them can seem to help. Some clients still have responsible jobs, charitable responsibilities, families, finances and health – but the thought of losing all these things does not help them stop.

But there is hope! A combination of professional substance addiction treatment and support groups have provided many people with the lifeline they need. Admitting to another human being that there is a problem and that nothing seems to work, is the first step on the ladder to living in recovery. Is it now time to mount that first rung? At Promises Healthcare we are committed to helping you on a journey to recovery. To discover a life away for the addiction and to find renewed hope. Please contact our clinic if you have any inquiries or if you wish to have a consultation.

Written by: Andrew da Roza – Psychotherapist, Promise Healthcare

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