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What is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a psychological condition in which an individual has developed an unhealthy and obsessive fixation with a love interest. While most people who pursue romantic relationships typically get attached to their significant others, it is still considered healthy when both partners can respect each other’s independence and space. However, people with love addiction tend to act in strange and irrational ways that lead to the detriment of themselves and others around them. As they are often filled with unrealistic standards and expectations of what love entails, people with love addiction can act out in a negative manner if their needs are not met. This is why it is important to seek immediate love addiction treatment if you or your loved ones are exhibiting any form of unhealthy behaviour in a personal relationship.

What Causes Love Addiction?

While there isn’t any concrete evidence pointing to the exact cause of love addiction, some existing research suggests that there are various factors that do contribute to triggering the condition.

Childhood Trauma

Individuals who grew up in a toxic household environment and endured a less-than-nurturing childhood may be more likely to constantly seek reassurance from others. Whether it was an isolated incident or a long-term period of neglect and abuse by their parents or caregivers, these experiences could have left them feeling emotionally bereft. These individuals’ addiction to love could be developed as a means to meet their emotional needs.

Low Self-esteem

Love addiction can stem from low self-esteem caused by past experiences of rejection or abuse. Feelings of unworthiness may enable an individual to form an unhealthy obsession with someone whom they perceive as worthy, developing a codependency on that person for approval and assurance.

Past Abandonment Issues

Abandonment from a long-term companion or family members can lead to love addiction. The fear of being left behind and alone can result in individuals clinging onto any form of attachment to another person as they do not know how to be alone or who they are outside of a relationship. Due to the fact that those struggling with love addiction often feel unlovable or unworthy from past emotional or physical abandonment issues, they feel as though they are unable to be happy without any love or affection from another person.

Signs You or a Loved One May Require Love Addiction Treatment

Love addiction manifests differently from person to person, but there are several things to look out for if you suspect that you or your loved one might be struggling with this condition. A love addiction treatment centre has specially designed programs to provide support for those seeking help, and can offer the necessary treatment to help you overcome your addiction and improve your quality of life.

Love addiction can take on the following symptoms, but are not limited to those on this list:

  • Feeling worthless and lost without a sense of purpose when you don’t have a partner
  • Being overly depending on your partner
  • Prioritising the relationship with your partner over everything else in your life, often completely neglecting your other responsibilities or personal relationships with friends and family
  • Becoming depressed and obsessed over a romantic interest when your advances are not reciprocated
  • Constantly needing to be in relationships even with partners that are not good for you
  • Finding it difficult to leave unhealthy or toxic relationships and making up excuses for your partner’s behaviour
  • Making senseless decisions based on your emotions towards your partner (e.g. quitting your job to spend more time with them)
  • Obsessively thinking about your partner to the point it disrupts your day to day routine

Vision By Promises’ Love Addiction Treatment Program

Love addiction treatment usually begins with an intake assessment where the clinician will record a thorough history of the presenting issues and relevant relationship details. Depending on your state of condition, you or your partner may be interviewed separately or together. Towards the end of this assessment, the therapist will evaluate the necessary next steps in your treatment plan, with referrals if needed.

First Stage of Recovery (First Two Months)

In the first stage of your love addiction treatment, the therapist will work with you to identify the severity of your addiction before addressing underlying factors that have led to your condition through therapy. Your partner may also be required to attend individual therapy sessions to develop the necessary coping skills as they play an important role in your recovery process.

The objective of this stage includes stabilising the affected individuals of this addiction, as well as to prepare for the next stage of the couple treatment process.

Second Stage of Recovery (Third Month)

The couple will have to undergo a structured three-step treatment process which will aid in marking the end of the active love addiction stage. Both you and your partner will discuss with your respective therapists regarding potential relapses in the future, healthy coping mechanisms, and how to build a support system that can support you in the long run. A recovery plan will also be recommended to you at this stage.

Choose Visions By Promises As Your Love Addiction Treatment Centre

Love addiction is a serious psychological condition that should not be taken lightly. While it may be difficult to address the issue, there is no shame in seeking professional help to regain control of your life. Visions By Promises strives to give you the support that you need through treatment programs that will help you break the cycle effectively. Make an appointment with us today and discover healthier ways to express your love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Love Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation in Singapore

1. What Is the Root Cause of Love Addiction?

Past trauma, upbringing and even genetics can play a factor in someone developing love addiction. It can stem from a place of low self-esteem, low self-worth and a lack of self-love due to underlying causes. If you think that you or a loved one may be struggling with love addiction, speak to a healthcare professional to evaluate your condition as soon as possible.

2. Can You Overcome Love Addiction?

With the proper care and treatment, it is possible to overcome love addiction. It will not be a short and easy journey, but with the right mindset and attitude, you can rebuild yourself and your relationship to achieve a happier and healthier life.

3. Why Come to Visions By Promises for Love Addiction Treatment and Programs?

We have many specialised healthcare professionals that can offer the support you need to battle love addiction. With a deep focus on providing helpful insight to recognise and correct unhealthy patterns of behaviour, Visions By Promises strives to design treatment programs that can help you overcome your addiction with confidence. Speak to our team today for more information.

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