Sex Addiction Treatment & Rehab Therapy in Singapore

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sexual activity can be a normal and healthy thing for people to engage in. But for some people, it can turn into an addiction where they cannot control how much they do it or what they do. If you are caught in this cycle, you will not be able to function normally in your everyday life and pursue sexual behaviour even at a cost to other important areas of their lives. This is why it is critical to consider sex addiction treatment once you feel your sexual activity becoming a distraction in your daily life.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

People often wonder what are the reasons for sex addiction. However, the root causes of compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, or hypersexuality, are not so easy to pin down as there can be multifaceted factors that contribute to this condition.

Certain rehab specialists think that a few factors may be associated with what you or others may refer to as sex addiction. Some things that may be associated with sex addiction, or compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, include:

  • Inability to manage emotional responses.
  • Childhood abuse.

Inability to Manage Emotional Responses

Studies have shown a relationship between mood states, emotional regulation and compulsive sexual behaviour. For example, research has found that emotional dysregulation can be both a symptom of and a contributing factor to the development of sex addiction. Emotional dysregulation refers to a struggle to control emotions or emotional reactions to a specific stimulus. Generally speaking, experts believe that increased levels of both enjoyable and unpleasant feelings have a correlation to an increase in impulsive-compulsive behaviours. This is why ensuring patients develop the ability to ensure they have emotional regulation is a key focus in our treatment methods.

Childhood Abuse

Research has also found that childhood and adolescent sexual abuse can result in hypersexuality.

But there can be many reasons that have led to the development of sex addiction, so it is best to speak to expert psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists to identify the root cause of this condition to identify the best treatment methods.

Signs You or A Loved One Needs Sex Addiction Rehab

Sex addiction can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially in Singapore, but it is important that we talk about it openly and honestly. If you or someone you love is struggling with sex addiction, it is important to seek help. Sex addiction rehab can provide the necessary treatment, therapy and support to help you overcome your addiction and regain control of your life.

If you are wondering whether or not sex addiction rehab is right for you, here are some signs that may indicate that you need treatment:

  • Being unable to stop having sex, even when it is irresponsible or reckless.
  • The person is unable to lower the amount of sexual activity they engage in.
  • Feeling controlled by sexual cravings and desires.
  • Sexual behaviour has become a distraction to important tasks and relationships in your life.
  • Engaging in sex makes everything else irrelevant.
  • Sex is the most important priority above anything else in life.
  • Engaging in meaningless sex while not finding it pleasurable.
  • Being caught in compromising situations because of sexual activity.
  • The fluctuation of feelings due to sexual impulses, urges and behaviour.

How Do Visions Make an Assessment for Sex Addiction?

At Visions by Promises, we understand that sex addiction is multidimensional and concerns only the individual exhibiting compulsive behaviours but also their partners. As such, we offer comprehensive assessments for you and your partner to help us design a holistic treatment plan to expedite your recovery. Some of these assessment options are as follows:

Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST)

This screening tool helps us gauge whether your compulsive sexual behaviour aligns with addiction markers.

Sexual Dependence Inventory (SDI 4.0)

If it’s deduced that you might be dealing with sex addiction after a preliminary discussion, we will proceed with the SDI 4.0 assessment. It comprehensively analyses elements related to sex addiction, including criteria for addiction, sexual anorexia, binge-purge patterns, and attachment issues. Collectively, they serve to inform your subsequent treatment plan.

Inventory for Partner Attachment, Stress, & Trauma (IPAST)

Discovering a partner’s sex addiction can leave lasting impacts. The IPAST is crafted to understand the depth of trauma your partner faces, assisting in carving out tailored intervention points for healing during rehab.

Aftercare Services at Visions by Promises

To solidify the gains made during treatment and establish a foundation for a life free from sex addiction, our post-rehab process entails the following:

  • Discussion and Debrief: You and your partner will engage in deep discussions to grasp the treatment implications and plan the way forward together to ensure alignment.
  • Personalised Recovery Plan: Recognising that every individual’s journey is unique, a tailored plan will be designed, detailing strategies, goals, and milestones for managing the addiction and fostering a more fulfilling life beyond it.
  • Skill Acquisition: We focus on teaching new skills and positive coping methods to handle future triggers.
  • Support Building: A strong support system is essential. Through group therapy in Singapore or family involvement via our Visions Family Programme,  we ensure you have a supportive network during vulnerable times.

Sex Addiction Treatment Process at our Treatment Centre

1. Initial Outreach to Visions

Begin your journey towards recovery by reaching out to our dedicated team at Visions. This is a crucial step in acknowledging the need for assistance and seeking professional guidance.

2. Intake Assessment and Therapy Orientation

This one-hour session focuses on understanding your sex addiction problems and relationship history. If needed, the therapist at our Singapore clinic may interview you and your significant other separately or together. Thereafter, the therapist will conduct a therapy orientation for sex addiction and also recommend love addiction treatment or programmes for other conditions you may have. Referrals may be provided if necessary.

3. First Stage of Recovery (First 2 Months) - Detailed Diagnosis & Rehab Evaluation

After the intake assessment, our therapist may further assess the severity of the sex addiction and figure out what is causing it. This process aids in fine-tuning the therapies to address why the addiction started, its sustaining and aggravating factors, and other risks.

People who discover they have sex addiction in Singapore often go through a lot of emotional pain. That is why your partner is also encouraged to get therapy to learn how to help you cope with the situation. This stage will be focused on stabilising your condition, your partner and any children who may be affected, as well as preparing for the next stage of treatment.

4. Second Stage of Recovery (3rd Month Onwards) - Treatment Sessions

Now that we’ve collectively understood the gravity of the addiction, this marks the end of the secretive, active sex addiction stage. You will then be given a recovery plan and regular counselling sessions as part of your treatment. You and your partner will discuss with your therapists to address the root causes, learn coping skills and how to build support systems so you can cope if you have a relapse.

5. Programmes and Support After Rehab

Post-treatment, Visions by Promises also offers comprehensive aftercare and support programmes. These ensure long-term recovery and help in preventing potential relapses.

If you feel like you cannot overcome your sex addiction alone, it is time to seek professional help. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly – getting the support you need to break free from the addiction is an important step in reclaiming your life. Make an appointment with our specialists today for sex addiction therapy in Singapore. The Visions by Promises team would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide guidance as you take this crucial next step.

Meet our Sex Addiction Specialists

Dr Andy Leach

Principal Addictions Therapist & Director, Visions

  • Dr Leach’s expertise encompasses Substance Use Disorder, Alcohol Use Disorder, Group and Individual Therapy, Gaming Disorder, and Gambling Disorder. He also offers aid to families grappling with addiction.
  • Certifications: M.A. Couns. Psych. (Bath Spa, UK), CMAT, AP:AP (UK), APACS & ACA, Accredited Practitioner (Level 4S) Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (Singapore) APACS.
  • With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years and notable mentions on platforms like the BBC and CNA, Dr Leach doesn’t limit his contributions to clinical settings. He also has experience offering treatments to addicts and families through charities, enabling him to take a comprehensive approach to addressing sex addiction.

Dr Andrew Da Roza

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist & Psychotherapist, Visions

  • Dr Da Roza’s areas of specialisation encompass Sex, Love, and Pornography Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation, as well as Substance Addiction and Anger Management.
  • Credentials: M.Couns (Monash), MSc (Addictions), MBA, LLM, LLB, Certified Substance Abuse Therapist, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.
  • With expertise in motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, and cognitive behavioural techniques, he adeptly addresses clients’ challenges. His 25 years as a lawyer further add to his unique perspective, enhancing his precision in engagement with sex addiction.

Dr Sandor Heng

Senior Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr Heng is renowned for his expertise in Substance Use Disorder, Alcohol Use Disorder, Gambling Disorder, and other addiction-related areas. He is also adept in both Individual & Group Therapy.
  • Certifications: DPsych Clinical, AHPRA Clinical Psychologist, AHPRA-approved Supervisor (Clinical Psychology), CSAC, CGAC.
  • Having practised in inpatient and outpatient facilities across Australia and Singapore, he leverages his knowledge to tailor therapies to address the distinct needs of those battling sex addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation (Rehab) In Singapore

1. How can I reduce my hypersexuality?

While many people often suggest medication or self-help groups as possible solutions to tackle this, it is advised that people dealing with sex addiction or hypersexuality should speak to our expert psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists to accurately identify the root cause of this condition to find the best treatment methods.

2. What percentage of the population is addicted to sex?

According to research conducted by experts in the sex addiction therapy field, approximately 3 – 5% of the world population experienced some form of sex addiction. As for Singapore, there has been a dearth of studies conducted in this area, so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact numbers of the adult population dealing with this issue.

3. Why come to Visions by Promises for sex addiction treatment and therapy?

If you or someone you know is struggling with sex addiction, professional help should be sought. There are many qualified therapists in Visions by Promises who can assist in overcoming this type of addiction. Make an appointment for treatment today, or contact our team for more information about how we can help.

4. How do Visions by Promises address the underlying factors that lead to, sustain, and aggravate sex addiction?

Visions by Promises employs a holistic approach that involves delving into the root causes of sex addiction via assessments, which will be addressed through tailored treatments afterwards. We will also prescribe porn addiction treatment or other rehab programmes for other conditions you face to address your addiction holistically. Finally, our focus extends to building resilience and a strong support network to ensure a lasting recovery.

5. What role does the partner of a sex addict play in the recovery process at Visions by Promises?

Partners’ understanding, support, and involvement in addiction treatments at Visions by Promises offer emotional anchoring for sex addicts, which fosters trust and expedites recovery. By learning about the underlying causes of the addiction and coping strategies, they can also help sex addicts keep potential relapse at bay, ensuring lasting recovery.

6. What is the star partners support group at Visions by Promises and how can it help partners of sex addicts?

The Star Partners Support Group at Visions by Promises offers a confidential platform for partners of individuals with sex addiction to share and heal. Facilitated by a certified therapist, this group transforms isolation into collective strength and understanding to help partners of sex addicts combat the isolation, betrayal and stigma they face.

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