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As cannabis seizures surged globally during the COVID-19 pandemic, former abusers are shedding light on the ease of buying the drug online, likening the process to ordering takeout pizza. One such individual, identified as Andy (not his real name), shared his experience of procuring cannabis during his university days, highlighting the convenience and accessibility that the pandemic brought to such transactions. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported an increase in global cannabis seizures during the pandemic, attributing it partly to the rise in contactless drug deliveries. Singapore also witnessed a notable uptick in cannabis seizures, reflecting a worrying trend of more young people getting involved in cannabis abuse. Addictions Therapist, Andrew Da Roza, observed that cannabis users are becoming younger, well-educated, and socially/economically successful. With the proliferation of social media and neighbouring countries legalizing cannabis, drugs have become more accessible to youngsters. However, experts warn against the dangers of cannabis abuse and emphasize the need for early intervention and counselling to prevent the potential long-term consequences.

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