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Thailand’s cannabis industry has boomed since the country legalized the use of cannabis, attracting curious Singaporean visitors to explore the cannabis-related offerings, including dispensaries, restaurants, and spas, which have become part of Bangkok’s landscape. However, Singaporeans must be cautious about their interactions with cannabis products due to Singapore’s strict drug laws. Consuming drugs overseas can lead to severe penalties when returning to Singapore.

The CNA article highlights the ambiguity surrounding some cannabis products in Thailand, as shops may claim their products contain no THC when testing has revealed otherwise. Singaporeans are advised to exercise caution and awareness when navigating the cannabis scene in Thailand.

The article also sheds light on the ongoing public debate in Thailand regarding the cannabis industry’s future, with some advocating for its reinstatement as a banned narcotic due to concerns about addiction and negative health effects.

In Singapore, attitudes towards cannabis have seen a shift among the younger generation, influenced by global trends and pop culture icons. Despite this, Singapore maintains a firm stance on cannabis, and there has been an increase in cannabis-related offenses. Addiction psychotherapist Andy Leach shares insights into the motivations of some young abusers, highlighting how marijuana has become an appealing alternative to alcohol for social bonding.

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