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Admin Executive, Addiction Services


The Admin Executive shall primarily be expected to attend to clients of Winslow Clinic (“the Clinic”) who have or are seeking to make appointments to see the addictions team. In addition, the admin executive will assist in any tasks related to the administration of group programmes.

Job Scope:

  • To handle incoming phone or email inquiries from patients seeking to know more of the services provided by the Clinic or intending to make appointments with the therapists.
  • To understand the addictions programme in detail and handle any enquiries from clients relating to individual and group therapy.
  • To communicate with clients attending group therapy to remind them of meetings, to track attendance at group therapy and to assist therapists in any admin tasks related to their carrying out group therapy.
  • To manage the client and referral database for the addictions department.
  • To manage all materials and resources for the addictions department.
  • To take appointments bookings, whether received via phone or email, of patients’ and therapists’ appointments, and enter these onto the Clinic’s Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) system – with due checking on the resource (counselling room) and therapists’ availability.
  • To register patients on their arrival at the Clinic and update the queue system on the EMR.
  • To raise the necessary invoices at the end of the consultation sessions and collect the relevant payment amounts.
  • Any other duties that the directors or management of the Company may assign.

Required Qualifications:

  • Diploma holder in Business admin/hospitality/related field
  • At least 2-3 years of relevant working experience, preferably in the field of hospitality or customer service
  • Confident persona
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively and confidently
  • Excellent phone etiquette
  • Able to adapt to changes
  • Able to work independently
  • Computer knowledge, able to use internet and MS office software with ease

Salary Range: 
S$2,300 to S$2,800

Candidates with cabin crew or hotel reception experience are welcome to apply.

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