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If using prescriptions or other drugs and alcohol have become a problem, it’s worth checking out how bad the problem is. It’s like eating chocolate or drinking Coke.

At one end, is the occasionally pleasure of eating chocolate or drinking a Coke.

At the other end, is the pain of bingeing on two pounds of chocolate and drinking 25 Cokes a day.

The eating of chocolate and drinking Coke has moved from pleasure to pain. It’s the same for drugs and alcohol. But how do I know if I have moved to the ‘pain zone’? The answer is unique to each person. But there are common signs, and you can take a valid and reliable test. Consider going to any of the websites listed below and taking a simple test. A professional can help you put the results into perspective which would allow you to see whether the problem requires help and change. Change is difficult for all of us. Taking a test and reviewing the results may provide the motivation to change. Take a chance and take a test. A person who doesn’t take a chance – never had a chance.

At Promises Healthcare we are committed to helping you on a journey to recovery. To discover a life away for the addiction and to find renewed hope. Please contact our clinic if you have any inquiries or if you wish to have a consultation.

Written by: Andrew da Roza, Therapist, Promises Healthcare Pte Ltd

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