Welcome to our Visions online assessment. Below is a list of questions that aim to help you assess your risk or severity of an Addiction Disorder. Please read each question carefully, and answer them truthfully in order to obtain a more accurate result.

Please be assured that the outcome of this online assessment will be kept strictly confidential, and will only be made visible to you.

You may take ‘X’ to be the substance or behaviour in question, of which you believe may be contributing to an addiction. For example, ‘X’ may refer to the compulsive use of drugs or behavioural processes such as binge-eating or gaming.

*Emails collected are kept strictly confidential only for the use of sending you your assessment results. It will not be used for marketing purposes or disclosed to 3rd parties.

1. Had times when you ended up using or engaging in ‘X’ more, or longer, than you intended?

2. More than once wanted to cut down or stop ‘X’, or tried to, but couldn't?

3. Spent a great deal of time on activities necessary to obtain ‘X’, use ‘X’, or recover from its effects.

4. Spent a lot of time engaging with or in ‘X’? Or being sick or getting over other aftereffects?

5. Found that this problem ‘X’ often interfered with taking care of your home or family? Or caused job troubles? Or school problems? Impaired performance would qualify

6. Continued using or engaging with ‘X’ even though it was causing trouble with your family or friends?

7. Given up or cut back on activities that were important or interesting to you, or gave you pleasure, in order to use or engage in ‘X’?

8. More than once gotten into situations whilst or after using or engaging in ‘X’ that increased your chances of getting hurt (such as driving, swimming, using machinery, walking in a dangerous area, or having unsafe sex)?

9. Continued with ‘X’ even though it was making you feel depressed or anxious or adding to another health problem? Or after having had a memory blackout?

10. Had to take more or do more of ‘X’ than you once did to get the effect you wanted? Or found that your usual consumption or engagement of ‘X’ had much less effect than before?

11. Found that when the effects were wearing off, you had withdrawal symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, shakiness, restlessness, nausea, sweating, a racing heart, or a seizure? Or sensed things that were not there?