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The TODAY Online article by Loraine Lee discusses the growing popularity of “coin-pusher machines” in arcades, which are attracting some patrons to spend hundreds of dollars in pursuit of winning non-cash jackpots and bonus tickets. These machines allow users to shoot coins to push other coins, chips, or cards off a ledge, and the tickets earned can be exchanged for prizes.

Many patrons find these machines addictive and thrilling, comparing arcades to mini-casinos. Some individuals, like 26-year-old Yvonne, visit arcades regularly and spend significant amounts of money on these games. The sense of achievement and relaxation they experience when playing keeps them hooked. Experts caution that while these machines can be addictive, regulation might not be the solution. Instead, raising awareness about addictive behaviours and seeking help, if necessary, is crucial.

The article also highlights the Singaporean government’s plans to impose restrictions on prizes offered in amusement centres and fun fairs, starting from March 2024, to address the growing concerns related to such machines being similar to gambling.

Juliana Pang, an addictions therapist, points out that coin-pusher machines have the potential to be a gateway to gambling for some individuals. However, not everyone who plays these games will necessarily develop a gambling addiction. Experts agree that raising awareness and providing mental health support for individuals dealing with addictive behaviours may be more effective than strict regulations. The article also contacted several arcade operators for their input on the matter.

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