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In this thought-provoking and timely article by TODAY Online, they delve into the concerning issue of teenagers’ increasing reliance on social media and its potential impact on their mental well-being. With our very own Juliana Pang as contributor, among other experts, the article offers valuable insights into the challenges faced by today’s youth and the implications of their digital habits on their overall mental health.

The TODAY Online article, “Big Read: Teenagers Hooked on Social Media – What’s the Cost to Their Mental Health?” presents a compelling exploration of the effects of social media addiction on adolescents. The article begins by highlighting the alarming rise in social media usage among teenagers and its inextricable link to their daily lives. While these platforms offer connectivity and access to information, they also present numerous challenges that warrant close examination.

Juliana Pang shared a compassionate perspective by sharing personal experiences and encounters with teenagers struggling to balance their digital lives with real-world connections. Pang discusses the importance of creating safe online environments and fostering open dialogues to address the mental health challenges arising from social media overuse.

The article further explores the complexities of social media addiction, examining its potential addictive nature and the mechanisms that drive compulsive behaviors in teenagers. It also highlights the role of parents, educators, and society at large in promoting healthier digital habits and supporting teenagers’ mental well-being.

Throughout the article, an emphasis is placed on cultivating digital literacy and resilience among teenagers, empowering them to navigate the virtual landscape responsibly and confidently.

In conclusion, “Big Read: Teenagers Hooked on Social Media – What’s the Cost to Their Mental Health?” serves as a compelling call to action, encouraging stakeholders to address the impact of social media on the mental health of teenagers and strive towards fostering a healthier digital ecosystem. By fostering awareness, understanding, and empathy, we can collectively support the younger generation in harnessing the benefits of social media while safeguarding their mental well-being.

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