Continuing Care Group

When you find yourself ready for a step down in care, you can join our Continuing Care group which meets once a week to explore issues that arise with ongoing recovery. Of course, you can continue with 1-1 therapy for as long as you and your therapist deem necessary.

This group enables you to stay connected to your peer group and to the Visions team.  As your recovery progresses, you may find that ‘life on life’s terms’ takes over; you hopefully will have a busy and rewarding life.  The group will provide a space for reflection; a safe space to receive feedback on your ongoing recovery, and also to check in with the team and your peers.

The group may address other issues that you may not have explored in the early days of your recovery such as trauma, childhood environment, developmental psychology, and the inner child.  As you grow in your recovery, you may find that the areas you struggle with most are interpersonal; the group also provides an opportunity to learn and grow through the issues that come up for you.

Package of 8
(Excluding clinic costs & GST)