Discovery Group

Sometimes there are clients, who for whatever reason, may not be entirely ready to embrace full recovery.  This discovery group is an opportunity to explore what recovery might mean to you.  This therapist-led group that meets once a week and specifically will aim to help you:

  • Understand Addiction as a condition
  • Understand Self-Motivation
  • Embrace the Concept of Recovery
  • Practice Healthy Expression of Emotions
  • Learn Skills to Build Resilience
  • Develop Healthy Interpersonal Relations
  • Connect with the Recovery Community

Stages of Change

At Visions, we recognize and respect that individuals have varying degrees of motivation to change, and/or have varying mindsets of what constitutes recovery. For example, an individual may understand that he/she should not continue their level of alcohol consumption because he/she has liver cirrhosis, but he/she is only motivated to reduce his/her alcohol intake instead of practising abstinence. The same may apply to an individual who has a behavioural addiction, such as gambling. Though the ultimate goal will be for individuals who are suffering from addiction to accrue a sustained period of abstinence, this may come across as too big a step to take given their current phase in life.

Attendance at this group depends on clinical assessment and is not a substitute for the full Intensive Outpatient Program.  Please follow the guidance of your clinician as to their best clinical recommendation for yourself.

Package of 8
(Excluding clinic costs & GST)