Medical Services

At visions we also understand that clients sometimes present with ck-morbidities that may affect their treatment. Co-morbidities may be co occurring mental health conditions that need to be treated at the same time as addiction.

For example, Clients may sometimes suffer from depression, severe anxiety or ADHD which can benefit from psychiatric interventions such as the prescription of medication. Psychiatrists can also diagnose a clients condition which may be needed for a variety of official/legal purposes.

Psychiatrists can also arrange a short hospital detox where medical assistance can be useful in alleviating a clients distress where they are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
First Visit: $350 to $500
(Excluding clinic costs & GST)
Subsequent Visit: $200 to $250
(Excluding clinic costs & GST)
Medical Detox
The cost for detox in the hospital that we work with, depends on length of stay and complexity of case.