STAR Partners Support Group

The discovery of a partner’s betrayal arising from sex, love and/or pornography addiction can be exceptionally devastating. Partners are often traumatised by the true nature of the betrayal and suffer overwhelming emotions that range from anger, confusion, fears, deep sense of loss, distrust, self-blame, and shame. This group will run at specific times throughout the year. Please enquire for dates.

Effects of Sex, Love and/or Pornography Addiction on Partners

  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms. According to research by Steffens and Rennie (2006), close to 70% of partners reported symptoms including:
    • The loss of a sense of safety
    • A sense of violation
    • Constant replay of the discovery experience
    • Disengagement from other domains of life
    • Negative moods and thinking, and
    • Hypervigilance
  • Complexity of distress. Beyond the pain of discovery, partners have to come to terms with the fact that the addict is suffering from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and that the addict’s behaviours are compulsive and rooted in deep bio-psycho-socio factors. Recovery is not a fix-it cure but life-long management.
  • Social stigma and fear of seeking help.. With sex addiction, love addiction and/or pornography addiction, partners are often entrapped in social isolation due to feelings of shame and fears of social stigma. These worries stop them from reaching out; and even when they do, minimise or conceal the extent or cause of betrayal. Alone and in intense pain; betrayed partners may self-harm, lash out in rage, develop unhealthy coping and/or sink into depression.

How Can We Help?

With the Star Partners Support Group, partners of persons with sex, love and/or pornography addiction can gain the much-needed solidarity and emotional support for healing. Our vision is to provide a safe and confidential platform where partners can openly share and relate with one another’s experiences.

The programme is vastly different from open support groups as it is facilitated by an International Institute for Trauma and Addictions Professionals (IITAP) therapist.  The therapist will provide psychoeducation on common themes and harness the supportive healing power of the group process on issues raised in sessions.

Themes Covered Will Include:

      • Dispelling Myths around Sex, Love, and Pornography Addiction
      • Emotional Soothing – Anger
      • Emotional Soothing – Distress
      • Couple Co-regulation and Communication
      • Emotional Soothing – Shame
      • Slips, Relapse, and Recovery Fatigue
      • Healthy Relationship and Kids Care
      • Healthy Sexuality

This support group programme has been developed to accompany your individual therapy sessions, which remain critical for addressing the unique factors of your individual situation.

Details of the Star Partners Support Group

Held every Friday via Zoom (online), from 6 pm to 7.30 pm (SGT)

Programme Fees:
Package Price of $750 for 8 sessions (Subject to 7% GST)

Start Date:
On going