Visions Family Program

This will be an eight weekly group and will be a combination of psychoeducation and experiential learning about the illness of addiction. This will be an opportunity to process thoughts, emotions, and questions about the effect that addiction has on families. We will also be providing you with tools to help you deal with what are often very challenging situations and events.

Addiction in all its many forms affects not only the addicted but families as well. It is of utmost importance that families are aware of what they are dealing with and develop strategies to cope with an illness that can have a severe impact on the entire family system.

In the work we do with our clients who have the illness of addiction, we ask them to change, develop and grow away from unhealthy coping strategies. If they return to a family system (whether a nuclear family or family of birth) and the system has not grown and developed, there is a danger that the client and the family will fall back into unhealthy patterns that can facilitate a relapse and undo all the good work that the client may have achieved so far.

In this supportive program, we will explore and come to understand exactly what the disease of Addiction is. We will look at the progression of the illness and how the family system is equally as affected as the addicted themselves. Also addressed will be the role that Denial takes in addiction both for the addict and the families. We will introduce the concepts of Co-dependency and Prodependence and ask questions as to what constitutes enabling and what constitutes support. The role of boundaries and assertive communication will be stressed and learned, and we will help you detail recovery plans for triggers and high-risk situations.

Package of 8
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It is recommended that clients sign up for the full 8-group package.

These will be in-person groups and will be held in person on Tuesday evenings from 18.30 – 20.00. 


Per Session
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