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It is common to have more than one addiction. Many compulsive drinkers tend to be heavy smokers and coffee drinkers. Compulsive drinkers may also drink to bolster their courage that allow them to be the “life of the party” where they can be hooked into engaging in risky sexual behaviours and onto paid sex as well.

Drug users often abuse a variety of drugs. This may include alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. The use of drugs produces a pleasurable effect and when coupled with other substances or behaviours (e.g Sex, Gambling) – it creates a stronger pleasurable effect in which experts believe affect the reward centers in the brain. Casinos have long figured out that offering alcohol (officially) and paid sex (unofficially) is good for enhancing and maintaining gambling behaviour. This creates a destructive pattern that results in a downward spiral where one’s finances begin to dry up. Relationships begin to fracture and life descends into chaos.

If this is becoming a pattern in your life, professional addictions counseling can offer recovery solutions that are effective for individuals who are using multiple substances and behaviors. These solutions to addictions can work together and support each other. Break the vicious cycle today and live free from addictions.

At Promises Healthcare, we are committed to helping you through your journey to recovery. Discover a new life, away from addiction and find renewed hope. Please contact our clinic or inquiries and consultations.

Written by: Andrew da Roza, Therapist, Promises Healthcare Pte Ltd

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