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In this TODAY Online article, published on April 14, 2023, Justin Ong explores the growing prevalence of vaping among Singaporean youths despite its illegality in the country. The author interviews young vapers who express their reasons for vaping, such as ease of access, cheaper cost compared to cigarettes, and the belief that it is healthier than smoking, although experts assert that the science on its health effects is inconclusive.

The article emphasizes that despite stricter enforcement, many youths continue to vape, making it a significant challenge for authorities to eradicate the habit entirely. While some vapers hope for the legalization and regulation of vaping, experts and Members of Parliament caution that such a move could lead to further complications.

Juliana Pang, an addictions therapist from Promises Healthcare (Visions by Promises), points out that the marketing of vaping products, especially through social media influencers, has made it attractive to young users. The article also highlights the difficulty of enforcing the vaping ban, with vapers finding ways to access products despite existing restrictions.

The government’s current stance on vaping is firmly against it, considering it a potential gateway to regular smoking. However, some vapers believe that legalization and regulation could help address the issue more effectively and provide better quality control over vaping products. Others argue that maintaining the ban is essential to protect public health, especially considering the potential long-term health implications of vaping.

Ultimately, the article presents a complex issue with varying perspectives, leaving policymakers to carefully weigh the consequences of their decisions regarding vaping in Singapore.

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